Solarbelt gGmbH

Solarbelt gGmbH was founded in 2019 as a non-profit affiliate of atmosfair and shares an office with atmosfair gGmbH in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. The non-profit organisation owns and operates the e-kerosene production plant in Emsland.

Solarbelt receives funding from atmosfair for the construction and operation of e-kerosene plants to mitigate the harmful effect of air travel on the climate. The company’s aim is to partner with developing countries to build e-kerosene plants under fair energy partnerships in accordance with the criteria outlined in the atmosfair fairfuel standard. Solarbelt signifies the future of e-kerosene that sees the North and South working together as equals in energy partnerships, while maximising e-kerosene’s contribution to climate change mitigation. At the same time, Solarbelt is tasked with convincing airlines and other customers of the benefits of e-kerosene, establishing the atmosfair fairfuel standard and testing and promoting new technologies like direct air capture. As a non-profit organisation, it does not distribute any profits but reinvest earnings from the airlines or other customers, such as tourism companies, to further develop innovative e-kerosene plants.

In Werlte, Solarbelt scouted the best location for the plant. It is also the owner and operator and responsible for planning and general contracting. The company designed the entire plant, contracted and managed technology service providers and suppliers from sustainable biomass substrates for the biogas plants to wind farms, electrolysis, synthesis reactors, construction companies, refinery and logistics. Solarbelt also completed all regulatory approval procedures for the plant and sales of the e-kerosene in accordance with ASTM standards. It also developed a procedure for book&claim crediting of e-kerosene for customers after co-processing in the refinery with the relevant authorities and approved certification institutes.

Solarbelt is currently assessing locations for additional plants in Asia, Africa and South America.

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