Information for airlines

For airlines / tourism companies

Most of the e-kerosene from the atmosfair plant in Werlte has already been sold or reserved. If you are interested in a long-term purchase agreement, please write to .

However, we have another attractive offer for you: Actively support e-kerosene now by giving your customers the option of making a voluntary donation for the construction of the next plants when they book their next flight in your online shop. Straightforward, not-for-profit and credible, with the proven partners of atmosfair and Solarbelt. Several thousand travel agencies in Germany are already on board because their customers want to get involved.

And it’s as simple as this:

  • Write to us at, keyword “Support e-kerosene”
  • We will send you an html template that can be used to integrate a simple form into your online booking section where customers can tick a box to make voluntary donations to support e-kerosene and offset their CO2 emissions.
  • There are several reliable options to handle payment and send the certificate and donation receipt to the customer.